Monday, October 3, 2011

Without Much Fanfare

Every person should experience the joy of being celebrated individually. Tonight, my family and I did just that for my aunt. She's more than special, so we wanted it to be very special. While we originally had a mondo elaborate plan in mind, she made it clear that a huge fanfare wasn't what she wanted. A small family get-together at Boma, an amazing African-inspired buffet in Disney's Animal Kingdom, was ideal.

I think that one reason we didn't think of anything small at first was simply because she's so worth something elaborate. She always goes SO far out of her way for EVERYBODY. So this once in a lifetime chance to express our genuine love for and thanks to her was an opportunity like no other. How taken aback we were to learn that this blessing to our lives wanted no more recognition than a family dinner and chocolate cake. It just goes to show what's important to her: spending time with the people she loves.

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