Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Year in Review

I just realized that my last post was describing an event that would change my entire life.

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I didn't get the nanny position that I was applying for.  But I kept applying.  I kept praying.  Then, one day, I got an unsolicited message from a mother, whom I will refer to as Mrs. Friend, with a child who has special needs.  She wanted to know if she could interview me to keep her boys.  I agreed, and went to the interview.

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While there, I was introduced to five practically perfect little boys who immediately stole my heart.  Ranging in age from 12 to 2 years old, and with totally different personalities, I was feeling unsure of myself.  My self-esteem had been so badly bruised that I wasn't sure I could do it.  But their mother trusted me, and I accepted the part-time position, informing their mom that I was still going to be looking for full-time employment.

I had so much fun keeping the boys.  The two year-old and the four year-old spent many, many hours in my care.  We played tons of games, sang hundreds of songs, and had too much fun.  Then one day, Mrs. Friend told me, "You're so goof with children.  Why don't you apply at my kids's school?  I think they really need someone."  I automatically felt that this would be of little use.  How could such a prestigious, incredible school want someone who hadn't even been teaching for three full years?  The school had received hundreds of applications for teachers before they were even finished with the building.  They only wanted the best.  But Mrs. Friend kept encouraging me. I finally did it.  I printed out my resume, out on a dress, and drove to the school.

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When I was getting dressed, I had no idea that the school's principal was in her office meeting with other administrators.  They'd come to conclude that they needed additional help.  They needed a part-time teacher to teach a single sixth grade class and to provide mandatory educational services for some of their students with special needs.  But such a teacher was hard to find.  Only someone meeting the requirements of state certification in both Elementary Education and Exceptional student education could be used.  Additionally, they only wanted someone with a student-centered heart.  So far, they hadn't found what they were looking for.  

After the meeting, one of the administrators went out to the front lobby to provide some relief for the receptionist.  While there, a woman with a short afro walked in carrying a sheet of paper.  She smiled as she approached the front desk and said that she was interested in a position with the school.  The next morning, she was asked for an immediate interview. 

I was that woman.  

What began as a part-time position became a full-time position.  I spent my first year as an exceptional student education teacher learning from the best in an environment where teachers expected the best from their students and even voluntarily spent dozens of extra hours working each week.  I spent the remainder of the school year praising God for such an incredible school and such wonderful students.

Possible, Impossible, Opportunity

A few minutes ago, I offered to take two Mrs. Friend's boys to a movie that she wanted to see with them herself, but is sick and in need of rest. Mrs. Friend has become just that, a friend.  My life at the time I wrote that last post was filled with uncertainty but it was also filled with faith in God's power and faithfulness.  He has blessed me more than I had ever even considered I would be blessed.

No matter what you're facing, no matter the difficulty you're experiencing, God has the power to help you.  But he's not Santa Claus.  Often, he refrains from working miraculously in order to encourage our submission to him.  While submitting can be very difficult, it's necessary.  I'm glad that I submitted my will to God's.

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Something New

That first little stage of cognition is probably one of the most important.  it forms the foundation upon which everything else learned must stand.

I've met so many children in my life whose lives would probably have been a lot better if I had just met them earlier.  It's hurtful to meet a child who is already feeling defeated or one who has already given up on life success before their life has even truly started.  It's especially hurtful when you realize that if you had been able to, you could have been the one to make things better for them.

I know myself, and I'm usually very honest with me about me.  I know that I adore children and love helping them to feel good about themselves.  I know that I am not the kind of person who will hurt a child.  I have the education and skills necessary to be a positive influence in the life of little people.

So, I'm going to try something new.  Why not use the goods I've got to help someone start off life right?  I realize that Elementary education is NOT the same as Early Childhood education.  But the core of educational philosophy remains generally the same no matter the student's age.  To supplement my education, I have taken it upon myself to learn the aspects of early childhood with which I'm not currently familiar.

I've got an interview tomorrow for a nanny position.  I truly can't think of much that would be a more appropriate career choice for someone with my personality.  Let's see how things go.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Today, Sir Coolman showed me an image of a curly-headed boy. He was sitting on the floor, at home, a skinny picture book in his hands. He was trying, and failing, to whisper read the words in the book, which looked to be at about a second grade level.  But he was no second grade child. He was a middle school student. I could see that because he had plenty of items labeled with his school's name. 

"You see that young man, dear?"

"Yes," I told him.

"Well, there are another 30 million like him, not all in America's united states, have you; but still just as much in need."

"It's so sad."

Sir Coolman glared at me. "Well, that's a cop-out way of referring to this poor child's condition."

"What did you want me to say? At least he has cool clothes?"

Sir Coolman's emotions flared, but he quickly calmed himself. "What I expected you to say was that you wanted to help in some way."

"Of course I would like to help him, and all the others. But I'm just one person."

He smiled. "Yes, I can both count and compare values, darling. You are one person, but you have the power to reach as many struggling readers as you desire." 

"Oh? What, did you come with a wand I never noticed before?" I laughed.

"You don't need a wand, dear. You're a storyteller. And storytellers have a source of power stronger than any wand: your mind."

I was feeling goofy, so we went back and forth for a while. But I couldn't get his words out of my head. So, I decides to act.

Believe me, you'll want to check back soon.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sharing Peace with the World: Ganga Library

I have been VERY busy.  Sir Coolman and I have not even had much face time.  When I realized that my last post here had been in May, I was floored! But I have probably the best excuse possible: God is enriching my life, and that means that there are more ways to be useful.

Of the projects I'm engaged in at the moment, one deals directly with children's literature.  I have been given the OK to begin development of a children's section of the online Ganga Library.  This multilingual, non profit organization is dedicated to providing information about Alfred Nobel and the laureates of the Peace Laureate Prize.  While still in its beginning stages, the interactive library already has dozens of biographies, video links, and organized categories to help users in finding the information they need.  The organization is headed by several notable individuals, including its director, Dr. R.V. Nagaveni M.D., M.S..  

Up until now, most of the information the library provides has been written for an audience of educated adults.  But that will change when I add a large collection of child-friendly content.  By the time I'm done, kids, teachers, and the general public will have a really great source of information that is accessible to most readers, especially the smaller ones.

Check back for updates on this awesome site!