Sunday, October 30, 2011

By the time you leave my class today...

It's pretty easy to post an agenda on the board. Unfortunately, this doesn't always describe exactly what students are supposed to pull from each lesson.

Well, the GREAT Southwest has provided me with a laminated sign to post that will help point students to this information.  It's a bright, hot pink color with these words:

By the time you leave my class today,
 you will be able to ...

I didn't realize it, but students who are informed of exactly what they are supposed to be learning tend to perform, I think, 27% higher than those who don't.  This is pretty significant.  If something as simple as informing kids of what they're about to learn can make THAT much of a difference, well, I'm happy to oblige!


Afronuts said...

Hi Retinna,

I've been wondering whether you stopped blogging.
Apparently you havent stopped. How have you been? Been a while I was on your blog. Have you abandoned the other blog(s)?

Bless said...

I am not getting what the conversation is going about. Is this real story or what you have wrote is you imaginations.