Sunday, October 2, 2011

Poo Poo the Gorilla and an Amazing Bell-Ringer

If students enjoy bell-ringers as much as I do, then they'd much prefer using them as ammunition in a paper snowball fight than think about them outside of class.

Enter Poo Poo, a gorilla who escaped from the zoo, and the topic of Friday's bell-ringer. After a lesson including public notices, I asked my students to create their own. Here was the students' task:

The results were incredible! Not only were they a delight to grade, but they were obviously fun for the kids to complete. Even students who normally avoided bell-ringers were active in creating some really cool work.

Sir Coolman was only a tad impressed. "So, what will you do with this new realization?" he asked me. I looked at him with a facial expression that embodied "duh!" and turned back to my plans. It wasn't until he'd evaporated behind his glass while wearing a smirk of anticipation that I realized his point:

How do I follow that up?

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