Sunday, September 19, 2010

Life as a Princess

I am a princess. That's the bottom line. God is King. He's my Father. I'm royalty.

It has become apparent to me that all females should experience being royalty. At least once in her life, every little girl should know that she is a princess. Add to this knowing that your God's princess, and you've got the beginnings of high feelings of self-worth.

Tyndale recently released its My Princess Bible, a colorful board book made for little girls. While it's not an actual Bible, it is a small collection of some of the interesting women of the Bible and how they fulfilled God's call on their life.

Each story contains two fill-in statements for an adult to write the name of the little princess who owns the Bible. The statements correspond with the actions of the person in that story.

The illustrations in this are culturally sensitive. The bright, vivid cover shows a rainbow of princesses featured in some of the Bible story. In fact, the seemingly most prominent woman on the book's front cover is actually Queen Esther. I was impressed with how noticeably dark her skin is. The book also shows smaller princesses - little girls playing dress-up in royal garb. Like that grown-ups featured in the book, they too represent a wide array of cultures. However, I was disappointed with the darkest little girl's appearance. She looked...inexpressive. She looked like she didn't know where she was or that she was a little afraid of the artist in the same way a child might not feel comfortable with a photographer. Perhaps this was the effect the artist was trying to accomplish. Either way, they still managed to create an excellent visual presentation of the women in the stories presented.

Overall, I would definitely consider purchasing this book for a little girl ages 2-4. It's a great addition to any preschool library. I hope that Tyndale will follow this lovely collection with one similar for every little prince.

As required by the US Trade Commission, Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a free copy of this book.

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