Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hippety Hop!

While online today, I was messaged by Sir Coolman to network with others. I later found this cool site and did my very first blog hop. A blog hop is when bloggers share links and visit each other. It's a simple and cool concept.


After participating, Sir Coolman asked what I could pull from the experience to apply in the classroom. "Anything at all?"

"Well, this general idea is important in various aspects of life. Share and share alike, I suppose. Everybody wants lots of blog traffic. But few are willing to give traffic to others. In this way, everybody gets some of what they want and can come across some really excellent blogs, and..."

"I didn't ask anything about how this blogging experience can help you to create generalizations about blogging! My focus is..."

"I know. Education."

"Then you should also know that I am expecting you to communicate a way you can transfer this experience into the realm of teaching."

Honestly, I hadn't given it that much thought. But something soon became apparent. "When teachers work together, each willing to make minor sacrifices for each other, the whole school benefits. Sharing tips, advice, or information that can help someone are all very valuable things to pass along. Sure beats gossip!"

"Much better," he said. "Next time let's see if we can stay to the point."

Sure thing...grouch!!!!

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