Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dragons or Dragonflies

It's rather unnerving to be awakened before sunrise by a tiny knock on the window. Nevertheless, this morning found me already awake and in great turmoil. I'd just received a letter. It's contents were simple, yet they were extremely powerful:

Beware the dragons of Longleaf

As unsettling as it is to receive an anonymous letter warning of terrors lurking within the village where I will enter in the morning, I ran to my drawer and pulled the mirror from its box.

At the touch of my hand on its hilt, Sir Coolman appeared before me. He held an expression of deep concern. "No idea who sent it?"

"Someone wanting me to fail, perhaps."

The look on his face deepened. "Yes...yes, in deed," he said, more to himself than to me. Then he brightened a bit. "However, whether or not there are dragons or dragonflies which await you, your training has been adequate."

Instantly, I was in the middle of a bog enveloped in a gray haze of fog. To my left stood an enormous dragon. It stood on its hind legs, fangs bared, a guttural roar spewing from its diaphragm. And right next to it, buzzing in its most sincere fury, hovered a tiny dragonfly made its noisy dissatisfaction apparent. Then suddenly, the dragon, in its enormity, began to shrink. And within a few moments, both the dragon and the dragonfly were the same exact size, the dragon using its now miniature wings to stay in the air. I walked up to the both of them and aimed a can I hadn't previously noticed was in my hand. In bright letters printed around the can was the word "knowledge." I aimed, released the contents of the can onto the two of them. Instantly, they both fell to the earth, convulsing in death pangs until they were both still. The next moment, I was standing back in my room, holding the mirror. "Thanks," I told Sir Coolmam. "I'm sure now that I'm ready for anything, be it dragon or dragonfly."

And I most certainly am.

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