Monday, August 30, 2010

After a long day...

Despite yesterday's frightening letter, today was a wonderful day. It seems that the kingdom of Longleaf is beautiful place where students are nurtured as if the place were a greenhouse for children.

I was enjoying a series of recollections about the day with Sir Coolman when he stopped mid-sentence and smiled. "Well! It seems you will be enjoying a guest," he said and glanced towards the door.

Soundlessly, it opened. A tall stranger stood in the doorway. He looked tired, elderly, and appeared to be trying out for the part of Moses. "He...hello. Can I help you?"

"Oh he doesn't speak your language. you might want to hold your breath, however."

I didn't have time react before I was doused by a small cloud of tiny particulates, seemingly sand. Instantly, I was overwhelmed by an unwelcome scent-the unmistakable smell of morning breath. I tried blowing the particles away, sputtering to remove every grain that had managed to accumulate anywhere on me. Sir Coolman laughed. "I warned you," he laughed. "Had that happen to me once. Dear, dear, you must have been more tired than either of us had realized."

"Oh?" I said, irritated as I continued brushing away the stinky powder the stranger had thrown all over me. The stranger stood silently, as if waiting for something.

"In deed. That's the Sand Man, you know. He doesn't come for just anyone or any minute reason. And my...what a fierce strength he works. So, I suppose you'll be no good for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow, then."

"Wait! You're just gonna leave me here with this guy?"

"Of course, dear. He's here to make certain that you have quality resting and are rejuvenated for the morning. Look out!"

Apparently, my brushing sand away was not what the Sand Man wanted, and he hit me with another, even bigger cloud of what must have been his most potent product.

"Sweet dreams, darling," I heard Sir Coolman say, his voice fading from view as did the view of the stranger tiptoeing from my room as I lie stretched out on my bed.

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