Thursday, July 29, 2010

Despite the Hard Work and Sacrifice...

Though I spent lots of money, toiled despite my battle with illness, and spent precious time to ensure that our group had the components we needed for slime for our measurement activities, we didn't use the slime idea at all. For starters, my night-long toiling caused me to sleep through my alarm, some phone calls, and some texts, and I only woke up after a group member called to see why no one was at our agreed upon spot at the appropriate time. She had been 15 minutes late and was sure that we had started without her. But when she got to our meeting spot at 10:15 and saw neither of the other two group members there, she grew a little concerned. When she called and woke me up, it was already after 11:30.

It's an hour's drive from my home to the university campus. An onslaught of Sheriffs and Highway Patrolmen kept me rigid with fear. But after some prayer and trust, I nailed that accelerator as close to the floor as was reasonable. I was two minutes late for class.

I struggled with loads of stuff and got to the classroom just as they were showing my video. Our whole presentation went smoothly. And, thanks to the Lord alone, we received a perfect score for our efforts. It was a fun, genuinely enlightening experience...but I am SO glad it's over!

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