Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sharing Peace with the World: Ganga Library

I have been VERY busy.  Sir Coolman and I have not even had much face time.  When I realized that my last post here had been in May, I was floored! But I have probably the best excuse possible: God is enriching my life, and that means that there are more ways to be useful.

Of the projects I'm engaged in at the moment, one deals directly with children's literature.  I have been given the OK to begin development of a children's section of the online Ganga Library.  This multilingual, non profit organization is dedicated to providing information about Alfred Nobel and the laureates of the Peace Laureate Prize.  While still in its beginning stages, the interactive library already has dozens of biographies, video links, and organized categories to help users in finding the information they need.  The organization is headed by several notable individuals, including its director, Dr. R.V. Nagaveni M.D., M.S..  

Up until now, most of the information the library provides has been written for an audience of educated adults.  But that will change when I add a large collection of child-friendly content.  By the time I'm done, kids, teachers, and the general public will have a really great source of information that is accessible to most readers, especially the smaller ones.

Check back for updates on this awesome site!

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