Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First Day...TWICE!!!

Fresh from sleep, I had no idea just how wild this day would be.

I drove to work at my new job.  Being the first day of work, I was excited.  But who rang but Sir Coolman. "You know, dear, I am as happy and excited as you are; I must remind you, however, that you are under a certain obligation."  I hadn't even thought of it

My heart was torn.  I dearly love both places.  I fell in love so quickly with my new school.  Apparently, they felt the same way, and my news was met with sorrow.  But I still love my old school as well.  They were overjoyed, cheering and clapping when they found out that I would be coming back, even before I got there!

In the end, all is well.  I am back at Golfview, where I spent some of the most wonderful years in the field of education.  I'm teaching second grade.  I'm so happy, and I am incredibly blessed. I thank God for all he's done!!

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