Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Class Pet

Looking at my fluffy baby this evening, I realized that animals can truly add delight to an environment.

When, by God's grace, I finally finish school and get my own classroom, I plan to have a class pet. It seems to me that such an addition would be welcomed by many children. However, not all children enjoy animals. I know someone who, at the age of three, fainted from fear of a dog when her dad insisted on her being photographed with the huge hound. Some people can easily be overcome with fear when it comes to animals. When I was younger, I too had issues with dogs, in part because they have teeth, and I knew what teeth were for.

Additionally, allergies are very much a concern. Animals with fur can send a highly allergic individual into respiratory shut-down. Even my own cute little fuzzy leaves me with suspended breathing, congestion, coughing, and misery. How would a child be expected to learn when the little furry thing in a cage next to his or her desk is keeping them from taking in a full breath?

However, a calm, quiet, hairless animal in one area of the room might actually help some children to overcome their fears. Accordingly, I plan to gather some information on district regulations regarding pets, and general information on the best kinds of class pets.


Zezebel said...

I love rabbits but I love cats more. I don't own any cats right now since my last cat involved in accident few years back. Deep in my heart, I still miss that cat and i don't think any cat will ever replace "dua".

Retinna Bell said...

Awwww....I am so sorry to hear that. I know it's inevitable, but I dread the day I go to her cage and she doesn't move. I don't know what I'll do.

Retinna Bell said...

That post was over five years ago.

Today, the inevitable happened. I went to the cage, and she didn't greet me. She was stretched out beside her litter box, still warm, but not breathing.