Saturday, August 15, 2009


First, let me say "WOW" and thank those of you who read my blog for your emails of interest concerning my time away. I didn't intend to stay away this long. But I am back to writing again, and will probably do so almost daily for quite some time. I thank you so much. You have no idea what your emails mean to me.

I just came back from Chicago where I assisted my aunt who has physical limitations. From my experiences helping her, I realize that the physically challenged are rarely ever considered during the design phase of such systems as transportation, architecture, and event-planning. Because those who are in charge of the design element are frequently not people who have these limitations, it is not often that their consideration of those who are impacted by such limitations is evident. Even with my help, it was difficult to travel. Many people have little or no compassion towards the needs of others. But I am so glad that I was there to help her.

Despite the limitations and the overly boring seminars, we had a good time just being together. Love and understanding each other as individuals helped us to accomplish this.

This Monday, I am entering an inclusion classroom of students whom I am only partially familiar with. I realize that, apart from understanding the prescribed methods of instruction that research has proven to be useful in the instruction of students with challenges and disabilities, that I must also understand them as individuals, people with likes and dislikes, histories and life experiences.

I plan to administer an interview to help me figure out my students' personalities and the things that motivate them. This is going to be quite a task, as these children are not known for opening up. But I do believe that God will help me in reaching these little ones. Thanks in advance for all your prayers and for any advice you can give me!

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