Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Planning for a Lack of Planning

How stupid did I feel tonight, allowing myself to get left when my aunt drove away for Prayer Meeting and Bible Study, thinking that I'd take my truck, only to find out that the thing had a tire so flat the whole truck was "sittin' sideways!"

To make matters worse, I realized that I had slept through my little cousin's award ceremony that had taken place about an hour earlier. He rarely earns awards and was SO happy to know he'd be getting one tonight. I so love to see him feeling proud of himself because he rarely seems to experience this. So I was almost crying just thinking about missing him.

In a habit of looking at the makeup running down my face, I reached into my purse and flipped open my compact. But what I saw was not my own face.

Sir Coolman seemed to be eminating the very same look that I'd missed in my little cousin. Only, Sir Coolman looks like this all the time, and does so in an extreme way that I would say is arrogance. Anyway, the sight startled me and I almost dropped the mirror. "Stop DOING that, would you!"

He started right in on me. "You should have planned to see me. Even the most terrible teachers plan for the unplanned. They plan for a lack of planning." He inhaled. I don't know if magic mirrors actually breathe, or if it was done so that he'd have time to relish the fact that he was right. "Yes, yes, even the worse, child. So there's certainly a great amount of hope for you."

"Thanks," I said, realizing that this was about the closest to a compliment I'd ever gotten with him. "But I can't plan for everything. Some things just pop up."

He jutted his bottom lip, drooped a brow and stared off in contemplation. "Yes, child. Some things do pop up. And it is for this very reason that you must consider them before they ever occur." His classic face slowly faded away and was soon replaced by a seen of ....


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Afronuts said...

lol...just like scene from a movie. I know times like these.

How u been retinna? Where are u? U havent been on ur blog for a long while.