Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

Despite the fact that this is the second day of FCAT, and the fact that I was very sick and in lots of pain, and the fact that I'm feeling exhausted, and numerous other issues, it's been an excellent day.

One of the fun things about my day is the fact that I get to watch a movie that I actually find interesting: Star Wars! For my Science Fiction Literature class, we have to watch the first three episodes of Star Wars.

Praises to God that YouTube (currently) offers the entire movie. Considering the fact that it is being used strictly for education, there are laws allowing this sort of viewing. I have to search the film for every nuance, every metaphor, every everything that we can find. Additionally, I have to conduct a character analysis on one of the movie's most unlikely characters: R2D2. When my teacher handed me the assignment, I was not happy. "This is a STINKY one!!!" I whined.

"Actually, it's a very good one," he tried to persuade me. But I wasn't fooled.

Anyway, since I have to do it no matter what I'd actually like to do, I figure I'll just try my hardest to do an excellent job so that he'll give me a better one next time.

First in line is The Phantom Menace. After I rounded up all the parts to this episode, I decided to place them together for easy viewing.

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Bob Johnson said...

I love all the Star Wars movies, even the Phantom Menace which got poor reviews, there is no such thing as a bad Star Wars movie,lol.