Sunday, January 25, 2009

What's the Matter?

Properties of matter that is. (Kind of cheesy, yes.) I am kind of wrecking my brain in an attempt to provide some stimulating science activities for our 5th graders. But I am grateful for the online tools that I've found:

  • Bitesize - This excellent site from the BBC is full of interactive lessons and activities that help students understand the ways of matter. This is where I found the little animation above.
  • Utah Education Network - This page has a list of free interactive lessons on science (though this does not include anything about the properties of matter).
  • Science Storybooks - Free ebooks based on scientific concepts
  • Teaching 2.0 - A great resource for professional development. A great look at what's available to teachers.
  • Jefferson County Schools Site - I'm not from Jefferson county (in fact I didn't even look to see where it is) but this site has some really excellent resources.
  • Space Shuttle Interactive - Though this item is from NOVA (which I honestly do NOT care for anymore), it seems engaging.
  • Science Cartoons - For older kids or those who are very advanced in their understanding of science.

I'm sure that there are lots more. And I'll be looking for them.

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