Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Sours

I'm ready for summer. But I worry about my kids.

After a year in school, summer is the time many kids let loose. Unfortunately, they can also do some pretty unwise things. Considering some of the choices that many of my students have made this year, I fear that some behavioral trends will continue, or worse, escalate during a time when there is little structure and supervision.

But what's out there? What in the world can young teens do during the summer that is constructive?

Well, it seems that there are things out there for kids to do.  A quick search revealed the following:

101 Things for Teens to Do

50 Summer Volunteer Ideas For Kids And Teens

 Beating Summer Boredom for Tweens

There are hundreds, even thousands of things teens can do during the summer, most for free!  When I was a teen, I talked on the phone, drew pictures, wrote poetry and stories, daydreamed, and watched TV; and that was perfectly fine with me.  But I know that kids today have different expectations.

I realize now that I should have been researching this kind of information BEFORE the end of school.  I should have made it available to parents.  I should even have planned on  providing some incentives.  But being that it was my very first year, I was caught up in a whirlwind of mandatory tasks and unexpected events.  Rather than focusing on the fact that I didn't secure some kind of summer activities for the ones who I felt needed it most, I am choosing to focus on the fact that I have learned a lesson about the role of the teacher, one that will help me to provide the most I can for my future students.

Here are some other informative articles about beating summer boredom:

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