Monday, April 16, 2012

FCAT - Day 1

The all boys group I'm assigned to for FCAT felt they did okay today. The 70-minute reading session was just as burdensome for us as it was for them. Thankfully, the 7 classes that followed were only around 22 minutes each. With such short classes, and the same schedule tomorrow, it would seem that planning would be a breeze...

Knowing the flow of things, I thought it best to engage the kids with the same academics they've had all year. Apparently, I'm the only teacher who thinks this. My kids were majorly upset with even the 6-question bell-ringer.

"We've been reading all day!"

"My brain is fried!"

"All the other teachers are watching movies!"

Being the big, passive wolf that I am, I think that tomorrow is going to be a day of learning games and crafts. As for the kids' view on the activities, well...Lord help!

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