Sunday, August 30, 2009

Parts of Speech

Last week, we came to realize that most of our students really had a very poor understanding of the basic parts of speech. So, at home I decided to search for some ideas on helping them to better understand this concept.

Lessons and Activities

Stick-It the Quickest - Students work in teams to be the first in properly identifying the parts of speech on a sticky note

Grammar Court - In this role-playing activity, students distinguish between correct and incorrect grammar usage.

Color-Coded Parts of Speech - Developed by an ESL instructor, these kinesthetic learning activities help students to explore the parts of speech.

Fun with Parts of Speech - In this activity, students work together to create posters about a specific part of speech.

Sentence Auctions - Students work in groups to buy the greatest number of correct sentences.

Fantastic Arts - This creative activity allows students to use nouns as a basis for creating works of art.

Elementary Grammar - An overall look at teaching grammar to elementary students

Brain-E Game: Parts of Speech - This page lists the parts of speech with examples and even includes a delightful little poem to help students remember each part of speech.

Online Games and Digital Tools

Grammar Gorillas - this interactive learning game helps to reinforce student knowledge of the parts of speech.

Grammar Bytes - Although geared towards an older audience, this site can be used to help explore different parts of speech even in the elementary classroom.

Help Me 2 Learn Grammar - This interactive game helps students learn the difference between nouns, pronouns, verbs, and adjectives. Grammar 1 is a free demo version and can be used with the whole class on an electronic whiteboard or other projection method.

Parts of Speech Game - This game is made in PowerPoint and can be adapted by the teacher. It is available free for download. I haven't downloaded it myself, but it's a good idea.

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