Monday, May 11, 2009

Another Kind of Field Day

Swine Flu

Well, it seems that, while the little guy with the original case of Swine Flu has been cleared for return to school, two other children have been stricken with the ailment. It seems that this microscopic vermin is having a field day!

Two weeks ago, the Monday after the original Swine Flu outbreak, I was too sick to remain at work. While driving to my job, I decided to simply walk in and let them know I was going home. I ended up staying later than I had expected, but I still left early.

I know it's much worse when you're still very young. As adults, we learn to press through our agony in an effort to accomplish necessary living. But when you're only just beginning to learn how to live, the struggle is all the more terrifying. For all of you who believe in prayer, please pray for all my kiddies.

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