Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Helping Hand

In my instructional planning, I strive to make sure that I teach kids about living in the real world. I try incorporating concepts such as charitable giving and helping others. I believe that this is an essential part of truly educating an individual.

Today at church, the sermon was very encouraging. We were reminded that Jesus has given us what we need to bless others. Also, the more you bless others, the more that God will bless you. I have found this to be true. It happened to me today at church.

It's easy to be discouraged at times. The world and life in general can make you into a hardened, tough individual with a heart as tough as an over-cooked steak. It's frustrating to stick to the same old tactics when the fruits of genuine heart-felt labor seem invisible. But the Bible also reminds us not to tire in doing good.

Today, I was touched in a way that nearly brought me to tears. A woman came to our church for help. She was homeless, hungry, and hurting. She received an overwhelming amount of love and care. We gave her food, clothes, and though she is now staying with people nearby, we are working on a more suitable home for her.

Seeing the gratitude on her face, feeling her sincere appreciation was more precious than any of the blessings I might have asked for. God used this woman who seemingly had nothing to offer- he used her to bless my heart today. And for this blessing, and others like it, I am truly grateful.


Mountain Woman said...

What a beautifully written post.

Afronuts said...

I can identify so much and easily with this!

I also found out that after being a source of blessing to someone, I have this fulfilled feeling. It really feels good to be the one helping others with their needs...

And it gives God a reason to keep blessing you too.