Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Teacher Know-How

This illustration caused me to reflect on the knowledge that teachers have, and how the children perceive this knowledge.

During the elementary school years, kids are learning about the world. They don't have necessary experience in life, so they depend on adults to teach them whatever they need to know...until they reach those upper elementary years. For example, the kids I work with seem to honestly believe that they should tell me how to do my job. I mean, if they catch a mistake I make or something, yippee! We praise students for catching our mistakes, and we remind them that we are all human, thus prone to error. But when they try to implement classroom management strategies for you, it's a little frustrating to say the least.

I'm used to it, now, however. But everyone-in-a-while, I spring on them with new information that they awes them. It's fun. Still, I long for the days before, when these little kids knew that they were kids and honestly believe that you knew something too....So much for longing!

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Ryan@Cool Dad Central said...

I send my son to a Pre-Pre-School. For the social aspect. But I really feel like he's not learning much. Every time I ask him about what he learned that day he refuses to tell me. I wonder if he doesn't like it there, or if it is too basic for him so he is bored, and really doesn't know...