Monday, December 29, 2008

So Much To Do - The Importance of Visuals

While it may not always be apparent, visual data plays an important part in any presentation for a seeing audience. This is especially true when presenting boring educational concepts to children. This fact was internally reinforced when I created this to-do list. So far I have emailed my Grand-dad, called people, and eaten clean (Panera's Sierra Turkey). But the rest I have yet to accomplish. I think that having a visual representation of tasks in need of completion, for me anyway, makes the task itself a little less appalling. Technically, this realization counts as learning. So now I can scratch another off of my list. I think I'll color them as I finish.

I think I'll begin construction of a visual sheet that the kids can use to track their science fair project progress. This will help them to see exactly what they still need to complete, and it'll also give my teammates and I a quick-glance visual that we can use to see who needs to do what. Not bad for a day off from work.


yoon see said...

Great visual presentation!
I am sure with this list in hand, step by step order will get things done....
Happy New Year!

Afronuts said...

I do agree with u.

Infact I cant do articles without dropping a picture or something to illustrate. it helps feed the imagination.

That was a creative thing to do for the kids. No doubt its gonna work

Afronuts said...

Oh..And a Happy Nu year to you Retinna!