Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I knew I should have been studying. But I just couldn't bring myself to open the book. The cover was just so heavy against my unwilling hands as they opened the text to chapter 5, the first of two chapters on classroom management (and one of the two major sources of test questions for the upcoming test).

After the initial struggle to actually open the book, things got much easier. Since I am pretty self-actualizing, I know that classroom management is perhaps my weakest point. I am often a kid doormat, and most of the kids realize this (though I do still have a few of them fooled). So, when I realized that the content of the chapter was applicable to me in such a strong way, I was glad to keep reading. If this works for me, how much more will it work when dealing with children? If I present a topic that is meaningful to them, then they are much more likely to pay attention.

I understand the difficulty kids have in doing homework. I sure hated it when I was a kid. I would have preferred watching TV, listening to music, browsing magazines, and of course being creative. But instead, I was stuck reading the same two sentences of a chapter introduction for twenty minutes as I consistently forgot what I'd just read when I came to the period at the end. I feel their pain. But as a teacher, I also realize the importance of independent practice. These solitary moments of using critical thinking and applying new skills and concepts is vital for any student of...anything! Perhaps I can do some things to make homework more interesting for both the kids and myself.


Anna and David said...

As I was looking through your four blogs and your wonderful artwork, it made me laugh. I had just explained to David that the fact that I start many creative projects, and finish few was a sign of my giftedness. He didn't believe me. But, now I have a co-gifted peer to support my theory. Thanks! And keep up the creative work with your kids!

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

I read this post and my mind went back...a long, long time ago, to some of my favorite teachers. I think they all had one thing in common..they made learning fun and interesting.
I enjoyed reading what you have written!

Retinna Bell said...

Thanks Anna! Thanks CMZ!

Tell David that it is most definitely a sign of being gifted. You brain is like a fast-moving river, and that river is filled with beautiful gems. There are so many to choose from, and you start to pick up one, but are distracted by another, then distracted from the distraction by another, then you remember the first one...just a big cycle. By the way...I LOVE YOU!!!!

Retinna Bell said...

CMZ, your comment is really motivating to me. It helps me want to make such positive memories in the lives of my students. Thanks!

Tia said...

When you wrote:
I was stuck reading the same two sentences of a chapter introduction for twenty minutes as I consistently forgot what I'd just read when I came to the period at the end.

it really caught my attention. This is just what my son is complaining about, happens to him ALL the time. This is what's getting me stuck on how to handle his schooling. Oh well, we'll figure it out.

Afronuts said...

Ha! I've been thru those moments when I'm stuck on the same page reading the same lines again and again...

Its my first time here and i'm liking your blog Retinna.
Your illustrations add such beauty and color to it.

What software do you use to do ur illustrations? Flash?

Just curious.

Keep doing what u do. I love ur stuff!